Sunday, August 31, 2014

catching up ...

Sorry for the lack of updates ... been working 6 days per week lately, and 1 day weekends are not conducive for getting stuff done :(  Instagram seems to be updated more than anything else, as it's so quick and easy!

Firstly ... Friday night I had my eyebrows re-tattooed by Deraly Fleming - this is a pic of the day after, bit puffy and shiny with tattoo balm - they're not so pretty today, day 2 (getting a bit scabby and gross!) ;)

I'm going back in a couple of weeks to get my eyeliner tattooed as well - my first time for eyeliner!!  I'm 40 in a few weeks, and while I'm not too concerned with wrinkles, I find the ones around my eyes do affect my eyeliner ... I used to be able to keep it on all day, but now I'm having difficulties!  So permanent eyeliner it is ;)

I'm also giving myself a birthday treat and getting my first body tattoo ... I've never wanted one before now (I'm not one to follow trends, as you know!), but I've decided that a couple of single ones are what I'm after.  You'll just have to wait to see what my first one will be!

I had one of my artworks made up into a phone case!  I had such a great reaction, I think I might have some other designs available for sale (not this one, as it was a commission) - what do you think?

I think this one would lend itself well ... I'm going to order one for myself, then put them in the shop ;)

I also finished my tapestry 'Goth Deathrock No. 4 - Anita' - I'll put more info on my main website, but here I am nearly finished!

Hmm, I think I've covered the last few weeks of my life!!  Oh, I have had extensions put in because I couldn't be bothered waiting for my 'goth mullet' to grow ;)

A month later, and I'm still loving it!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

holiday week

Yep, it's nearly over .... but boy, did I really need/deserve that week off from work!!  I like my job, but I was physically and mentally exhausted - it's the first break I have had in nearly 7 months - hopefully I don't have to wait so long for the next one!

We spent a few days in Robe - mmm, one of my favourite places on earth!  Here's the view from our bedroom window:

We love Robe, and the wonderful people we have met there - especially Kiri and Paul, who own Wild Mulberry Cafe (make sure you visit if you're down that way!).  We were super-lucky to be invited to dinner ... and we met the new addition to their family, Gracie (their 4th kitty!) ;)

And we made sure we had time for crafting!  I practiced my tatting, and Anita her knitting ;)

On the way home we discovered that Larry The Lobster was for sale!!  $327,400 for a 17 metre, 4 tonne lobster (and adjoining cafe) ;)

When I got home, my next challenge was to complete a couple of scarves in a couple of days ... I promised I'd bring them to work on Monday - and I will!

Commission for Anne:

And one for the shop!

And even though I put on 1kg/2.2lbs in Robe (so much good food!!), I've been getting right back into it ... all made better by my new Lululemon pants - aren't they AWESOME??

Hopefully Monday morning's weigh in isn't too scary!  But at the same time, I had a fantastic holiday - as long as I get back on track straight away, I need to learn it's OK to let it all go every now and then ;)

Monday, July 7, 2014

taking yoga to a whole new level ...

OK, so you know I've been doing yoga from YouTube for quite a few months now (maybe 6?) ... and I have been getting better and better, stronger and stronger.  I feel that yoga is giving me what the gym didn't - that toned look, which is getting better the more weight I am losing ;) 

As Yoga With Adriene is a more gentler form of yoga, I've been stepping up my routines with Sadie Nardini (as recommended by Kate - thanks for that!!). 

Well, I've just purchased her full-on Yoga Shred For Weightloss, which is a paid 14 day programme designed to combine cardio-yoga workouts with straight yoga for maximum fitness ... I've done 2 days so far, and I feel sore (in a good way!).

Oh .. and I weighed in this morning - 6.5kg (14lbs) lost so far (more than half way - just over 5kg to go)!! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

monty don's real craft

Oh my goodness, this show is BRILLIANT!!!

I see it as a sequel to my favourite show of all time, Mastercrafts - while the latter focused on complete beginners, Monty Don's Real Craft shows 3 amateurs being mentored by a professional to see if they can make the grade in the commercial world.  It's so inspiring (especially the weaving episode!).

If you're not in the UK and can't view these, you may want to investigate ... Anita has set up my computer so I can view these (not illegal, but part of a legal grey area).

And if you want to view the entire series of Mastercrafts, here is the series on YouTube:  MASTERCRAFTS SERIES


Thursday, July 3, 2014


I couldn't resist learning something completely different - and portable!
I'm rubbish at knitting, never been interested in crochet ... so shuttle tatting it is ;)

First baby steps (well, just a chain):

I originally wanted to do bobbin lace after seeing this AMAZING short film (which I originally watched for the weaving, but was mesmerised by the bobbins!):

I saw Rebecca Mezoff talking about tatting on her blog, and wondered if that might be a nice compromise, especially when I was fortuitously sent an email from Craftsy with their tatting class included!  Guess it was meant to be ;)

So I'll keep you up to date with how I go!!  Nothing like piling on the hobbies, heh :P
Who knows, I may learn how to design bat and skull jewellery one day!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

warping up betty ... front to back

Once my cotton arrived, I couldn't wait to warp up Betty ... but I really didn't enjoy warping up back to front for my test warp.  So I wondered if a floor loom could be warped up front to back, like I do my table loom?  There wasn't much info online (as usual!), so I thought I'd wing it (again, as usual!).

I started on the front beam, warping up the reed first:

Then the heddles:

I did make a massive mistake as well ... I was wondering why I wasn't able to weave and couldn't get a proper shed ... then (after some time) I realised that I had forgotten to put the warp over the back beam before winding on.  That wasted an hour or so, but I certainly won't be doing that again!

Here's the loom all warped up:

And my first bit of weaving!  This is actually the first time I've done plain weaving, and it's pretty fun!

This will eventually be a cotton cowl for Lily, hopefully to be (eventually) included in my shop ... I say eventually because I need a new reed before I can sell these - this reed is bent out of shape, and has created some gaps in my weaving.

I also spent last weekend tapestry weaving - here's Anita tipped on her side ;)

Doing the face has been incredibly stressful!  My tapestry technique is still not completely up to scratch, but it's getting better and better with every tapestry ... I just need years of practice!!

OK, better get on with warping up my table loom for the next scarf ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

officially winter!!

Well, in Australia the weather has officially turned cold!!  Well, as cold as Australia gets, anyway - I'm sure that my international friends would laugh about us thinking 13 degrees C (55 deg F) is cold ;)

Suddenly, I've sold a whole pile of scarves ... 6 in the last week! (3 for the same person), and another 4 commissions so far to do.  Super happy!  Though my stock has depleted, my mission now is to build it up again with more selling along the way.  I'm hoping to attend a couple of markets next year (I don't have enough stock this year), and really get Threefold Designs out there.

I've also updated my Infinity Scarves page on the main website - you can have a peek HERE!  I keep getting asked what patterns and colours I use, so decided to put them all in one place ;)

Though I was upset to discover that Bendigo Woollen Mills decided to discontinue this colour in the 5 ply that I use ... now this is a one-off!  It's a tad darker than the turquoise I usually use, and is available HERE (if Kim from my work doesn't buy it first!!)
UPDATE:  Kim saw it and bought it, heh :P

Now I come to work wondering if anyone is going to wear the same scarf as me today, heh heh :P