Saturday, October 4, 2014

life @ 40

Yep guys - I'm now 40!  Though I'm a bit late updating here ... it happened just over a week ago ;)

So what else has been going on around here?  Well, we got chickens!  Here they are being released into the yard ;)  Anita wanted them to dig up the grass for her ... and they're already doing a great job!

The white chicken is Hilla, the black one on the far left is Fruchoc, and the middle black one is Florrie.  They are little bantams, and are laying at least one egg every day!  They are about half the size of a normal egg, so cute!

Proof!  Anita's hand is larger than mine, so the egg looks extra small here, haa!

It's a long weekend here in South Australia, so I will be spending it doing homework (only 2 more months before I have completely finished my Diploma Of Visual Art - Tapestry!!!), and do some weaving.  It's getting warmer here, so it's time to build up my stock, and hopefully pump up some overseas sales ;)

Catch ya later! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

no. 16 shuttle

So ... at nearly 40 years old, I suddenly decided I wanted a tattoo ;)

I chose the artist after finding his amazing work on Instagram - Jaya's work is amazing - he works out of Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective - very very impressed!  Of course, this is his lovely pic ;)

This is the illustration it was based on ... though I just had to add a cheeky little bat, haa!

It's on the top of my forearm ... I wanted to see it while weaving - this pic may give you a better idea of placement:

I like the placement also because it looks different every time I move my arm - it's only straight and centered when my arm is in this position ;)

I'm probably only getting one other (on the top left arm, to balance with this one), but that's a little way off yet.  This one didn't hurt much at all ... but that may have been because the eyeliner was so painful, HA!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

tattooed eyeliner

Yep, I took the plunge and had my eyeliner tattooed!  I went to the lovely lady who did my eyebrows, Deraly Fleming - wouldn't trust anyone else!

The reason to go to these extremes?  I don't care about wrinkles as such as I'm getting older ... but when it messes with my eyeliner???  As you get older, the skin around the eyes gets a bit, er, slacker.  And the eyeliner just doesn't last like it used to, regardless of the brand.

Deraly went over my existing eyeliner.  She used a numbing cream, but I must confess it still hurt (especially in the corners of the eyelids).

Here I am the night that I had it done:

As you can see, pretty swollen and bruised!  The next morning it was very swollen and red, so this shot was taken about 45 minutes after putting an icepack on them!  This is how I went to work the next day ;)

Ouch!  Next is later on that night - looking much better!

And this one was taken yesterday - the bruising as already eased off:

I have had so much feedback on Instagram and Facebook, that I thought I would document the process - I just couldn't find much online about personal experiences!  I need to go back in November to get them retouched, as well as my eyebrows darkened (I love them, but I want them darker!).  My left eye wasn't completely finished, as it started bruising very quickly so she had to stop - that will be finished off in November too ;)

Overall, I'm glad I didn't know how much it was going to hurt .... though Deraly assures me that subsequent visits won't be so painful as touch ups don't require so much ink/needling.  I'm budgeting to get them done once a year, though they will easily last for about 2-3 years (I want them to stay black and bold, but they will last a lot longer if you like a more natural look).

If you're thinking about getting your brows/eyeliner done, here are my recommendations:

1.  Google!!  Find a good practitioner by reading online reviews, getting recommendations from friends, etc.  Find something with experience in the industry with a good track record.

2.  I would recommend a practitioner who uses a 'pen-styled device', which is actually a miniature tattoo gun.  The difference is that they use semi-permanent ink, as many people change their mind about their makeup style as they get older.  I would NOT recommend the 'soft-tap method' - I had that done the first time, and while it lasted the same amount of time, it was way more painful and took a lot longer to heal.

3.  I know this sounds obvious, but make sure that the shape you are after is something that you can live with every day for at least 2-3 years!

4.  Looking after cosmetic tattoos are the same as a conventional body tattoo - tattoo balm throughout the day.  Since I don't like chemicals, I have been using Dr Bronners Organic Balm with all-natural ingredients.

Please feel free to ask any questions!  :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

catching up ...

Sorry for the lack of updates ... been working 6 days per week lately, and 1 day weekends are not conducive for getting stuff done :(  Instagram seems to be updated more than anything else, as it's so quick and easy!

Firstly ... Friday night I had my eyebrows re-tattooed by Deraly Fleming - this is a pic of the day after, bit puffy and shiny with tattoo balm - they're not so pretty today, day 2 (getting a bit scabby and gross!) ;)

I'm going back in a couple of weeks to get my eyeliner tattooed as well - my first time for eyeliner!!  I'm 40 in a few weeks, and while I'm not too concerned with wrinkles, I find the ones around my eyes do affect my eyeliner ... I used to be able to keep it on all day, but now I'm having difficulties!  So permanent eyeliner it is ;)

I'm also giving myself a birthday treat and getting my first body tattoo ... I've never wanted one before now (I'm not one to follow trends, as you know!), but I've decided that a couple of single ones are what I'm after.  You'll just have to wait to see what my first one will be!

I had one of my artworks made up into a phone case!  I had such a great reaction, I think I might have some other designs available for sale (not this one, as it was a commission) - what do you think?

I think this one would lend itself well ... I'm going to order one for myself, then put them in the shop ;)

I also finished my tapestry 'Goth Deathrock No. 4 - Anita' - I'll put more info on my main website, but here I am nearly finished!

Hmm, I think I've covered the last few weeks of my life!!  Oh, I have had extensions put in because I couldn't be bothered waiting for my 'goth mullet' to grow ;)

A month later, and I'm still loving it!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

holiday week

Yep, it's nearly over .... but boy, did I really need/deserve that week off from work!!  I like my job, but I was physically and mentally exhausted - it's the first break I have had in nearly 7 months - hopefully I don't have to wait so long for the next one!

We spent a few days in Robe - mmm, one of my favourite places on earth!  Here's the view from our bedroom window:

We love Robe, and the wonderful people we have met there - especially Kiri and Paul, who own Wild Mulberry Cafe (make sure you visit if you're down that way!).  We were super-lucky to be invited to dinner ... and we met the new addition to their family, Gracie (their 4th kitty!) ;)

And we made sure we had time for crafting!  I practiced my tatting, and Anita her knitting ;)

On the way home we discovered that Larry The Lobster was for sale!!  $327,400 for a 17 metre, 4 tonne lobster (and adjoining cafe) ;)

When I got home, my next challenge was to complete a couple of scarves in a couple of days ... I promised I'd bring them to work on Monday - and I will!

Commission for Anne:

And one for the shop!

And even though I put on 1kg/2.2lbs in Robe (so much good food!!), I've been getting right back into it ... all made better by my new Lululemon pants - aren't they AWESOME??

Hopefully Monday morning's weigh in isn't too scary!  But at the same time, I had a fantastic holiday - as long as I get back on track straight away, I need to learn it's OK to let it all go every now and then ;)

Monday, July 7, 2014

taking yoga to a whole new level ...

OK, so you know I've been doing yoga from YouTube for quite a few months now (maybe 6?) ... and I have been getting better and better, stronger and stronger.  I feel that yoga is giving me what the gym didn't - that toned look, which is getting better the more weight I am losing ;) 

As Yoga With Adriene is a more gentler form of yoga, I've been stepping up my routines with Sadie Nardini (as recommended by Kate - thanks for that!!). 

Well, I've just purchased her full-on Yoga Shred For Weightloss, which is a paid 14 day programme designed to combine cardio-yoga workouts with straight yoga for maximum fitness ... I've done 2 days so far, and I feel sore (in a good way!).

Oh .. and I weighed in this morning - 6.5kg (14lbs) lost so far (more than half way - just over 5kg to go)!!